When it comes to preset family these days there are a multitude of sets available in the online market. There are those for wedding work, those for studio work, those for lifestyle and those for this & that but how about for other styles and my style which I call “quotidian photography”? I think these work out just fine. When it comes to a set of presets that always seem to catapult themselves to the top some of us may have heard of Mastin Labs especially Lightroom users but now Mastin has joined the ranks of Capture One as well. What makes a group of preset work so well? Well, it goes without saying that the ease of use and the way these preset match their purpoted look to classic films and by extension that iconic era. Recently, I had the good fortune to try out Mastin Lab’s new presets for Capture One called Kodak Everyday Original and I must say I’m very pleased with the results of this set.


I love how easy they are to implement and to tweak to ones desire. People should know that presets serve as a starting point (due Jorge everyone knows that), call them a template to where you eventually want to end up and Mastin Lab’s Kodak Everyday Original delivers in spades here with their debut in Capture One.

The set includes the following composed of a classic triumvirate of film emulations: styles (film emulations), tone profiles, custom white balance, and grain:



  • Kodak Ektar 100
  • Kodak Gold 200
  • Kodak Tri-X 400


  • All Hard
  • All Soft
  • Highlight Hard
  • Highlight Soft
  • Shadow Hard
  • Shadow Soft


  • Daylight
  • Cloudy
  • Open Shade
  • Tungsten
  • Flash
  • Cool White/LED


  • 35mm
  • Med Format




If you’re new to Capture One (like I am) I believe it presets help you get through the menus of Capture One which can be a bit overwhelming the very first time you launch it. Once you get through a few sets of images then it becomes a whole lot easier and in my opinion now a bit more organized than Lightroom. I specifically love how Capture One doesn’t impose on you a way to develop your images compared to Lightroom (feel free to chime in here and let me know if I’m wrong or missing a new feature).


Notice how Capture One marks the option you select by adding visual orange checkmarks which by the way in Capture One can be stacked, meaing the effects of various options can be implemented on top. So I could, if I wanted to add Kodak and Tri-X at the same time (not that I would want to but you get my drift) to get a new visual effect.


Mastin Lab View in Capture One 12

Mastin Lab View in Capture One 12


I’m excited to see how Mastin Labs comes out with more Capture One presets like their Portra, Fuji, and Ilford series which I’m hoping to see in the near future. Recently, Kirk Mastin, Mastin Lab’s Head huncho and David Grover from Phase One (Capture One parent company) got together and put out an instructional video which you can see below. Grab a cup of coffee because its an hour long but well worth it.




Here’s a sample gallery using all the styles in this pack. All images taken with the Fuji XT2 and the X100T using Capture One Pro for Fujifilm.