Its kind of interesting how life puts certain stops in ones life and doing something you absolutely love takes the back burner to other important issues. But a passion is a passion and passions never die. The desire to photograph has been with me for these last 2-3 years constantly. I’m always viewing, framing, and doing color palettes in my brain as I scans scenes everywhere, its a very abstract process but one I’m sure its familiar for readers of this space and elsewhere.


Its like if you have a little robot that unconsciously turns its head in a panning direction constantly and just reads the data and makes no judgement, just scanning shapes and light, and forming sketches in my mind, that’s the best way I can describe it. Well, I finally decided to put an end to that robot and kick it up a few notches and rekindle the passion with my beloved Fuji X Series cameras.

DSCF8232 2

Last time I shot Fuji, I was shooting with the great XT1 and the X100S so it was a natural progression to rekindle this love affair with the XT2 and the X100T/TCL Fujifilm X Series. It is what it is, a passion. So with that said, I went on a selling spree and got rid of my Canon full frame kit and went with what I love – Fuji

Images captured with the Fuji X100T & processed in Capture One.