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Towards Recovery

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Fujifilm X-Series

I love him dearly, more than he can ever imagine, but sometimes its tough to open up in such a way. You see, my father is a man of few words, stern, old school in child rearing, but with a soft heart deep down below. Today, he’s recovering slowly from his recent brain surgery and I’m just glad I have to the opportunity to tell him in life how much he really means to me. […]

Ricoh GR: The Power of RAW

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Ricoh GR / Street Photography

The Ricoh GR files are amazing. Malleable and able to handle some heavy manipulation. Here’s a before and after processed with VSCO 04, the accompanying tool kit, and a few adjustment brushes. For street photography the Ricoh GR alongside VSCO 04 and the toolkit is simply a great combination. Notice the skin tones and how life like they look. This scene was exactly what I envisioned when I clicked the shutter.

La Yuma

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Ricoh GR / Street Photography

I’m pretty upset at right now, I just sharing this image with everyone and I’m all happy with the end result, I upload here and what you see right below is an exported jpeg straight form lightroom and it looks nothing like what I viewed on my deskop. So, I get to thinking and I tell myself, “let me do a screengrab,” which saves the images as a png and let’s compare. Oh my […]


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Photo Talk / Ricoh GR

As the consummate student of this great craft, I purchased Ming Thein’s Introduction to Photoshop Workflow DVD($60). A review is forthcoming. Some of you out there may have had the same expectations as I had, so I think its useful to share my opinion. In the meantime, I used some of the techniques I learned on the video to process this Ricoh GR image, but stay tuned for a more in depth review of this […]

Ricoh GR: At Miami’s Hottest Night Club – Fifty

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Event Photography / Ricoh GR
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Last Thursday the Miami Heat went ahead to win double back NBA Championships and I was hired to shoot an event at one of Miami’s most exclusive night clubs ― the majestic FIFTY Ultra Lounge Miami at Viceroy. Like any other job, I went ready with all the guns ready to shoot. A Ricoh GR, a Pentax K5 IIs, and a Nikon dslr/zoom & SB 910 combo. The shots below are all the from the […]