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Ricoh GR: Tribute to Daido Moriyama

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Ricoh GR

Daido Moriyama once said “when I go out into the city I have no plan. I walk down one street, and when I am drawn to turn the corner into another, I do. Really I am like a dog. I decide where to go by the smell of things, and when I am tired, I stop.” Talk about simplifying things, it’s really that simple – trust your instincts, simplify your gear, and enjoy your photography. […]

Ricoh GR: Street Photography King

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Ricoh GR

When it comes to street photography, I think we can objectively agree that being inconspicuous is a good skill to acquire early on, its just the way of a “Karyudo“. This particular shot was taken using the Ricoh GR ‘s Snap Focus feature at 2m. Again, I continue to use a combination of Silver Efex(a special preset I’m actively developing) and Lightroom. Notice the tones, the richness of the black and the wonderful greys, I’m […]

Saturday Market Place

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Street Photography

Getting in the groove is not easy. Its actually quite tough, besides technique more than anything its your timing that’s lost. Little by little I’m getting it back though. I wasn’t going to publish this frame until Monday but what the hell a friend of mine, Don Springer, requested it, what are you going to do.

Perspectives: 01

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Perspectives Project

I’ve been listening to the Chase Jarvis Audiocast lately. In a recent cast with Vince Laforet, Chase was mentioning the word “ethos” and him and Vince were going back and forth on this theme and it resonated with my own ethos. I wrote some time ago that photography: is a vision, its viewing through a glass and coming face to face with your surroundings, your life, your family, and life vicissitudes It is this same […]

Times is on my side

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Mobile Photography

I suppose I’m a little behind this whole mobile photography movement. I’m now beginning to explore the capabilities of a 5 megapixel smartphone camera and I thought I wouldn’t say this but I’m quite [happily] surprised. I’m in the process of setting up a workflow but so far I’m using Snapseed and Little Photo. Could this this photographic avenue quench my thirst for a small compact? I still don’t know but I do like the […]

1800 Seconds

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Disconnected Fragments

Its what’s missing from my schedule ― seconds, minutes, and hours. We have 60 seconds a minutes and 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours a day. All I need is a 1800 seconds and I’m sure I’ll be ok for my therapeutic dose of viewing through the lens. It may not seem like much but when you really think about it, I’m working on 1/250 second often times. 1/250 second to make some […]